Friday, December 18, 2009


the mobile is an important technology .
we can use only for emergency and chatting with friend's .
the mobil can take all of our time if we did not use it with the right way.
I love talking at midnight mostly,becous the weather is good and i feel sogood .
I send about 3 sms aday and i recive about 2 or 3 sms aday .
I always recharge my mobile with 10 pounds aday there is two health problems connected with the use of mobile the first that I can not sleep early becouse I chat with my friends until the midnight .
the second problem is I spend alot of time in talking which makes me tired and I feel there is a little of pain in my ear's and i think it caused by the mobile .
the teen's use the mobile with wrong way , and i recommend the teen's to use the mobile with right way and take the matter seriesly .